All-in-one Standalone Solar Power System


Off Grid Power


Easy Installation


ECO Friendly

  • All-in-one design for easy and quicker installation(<3 hours)
  • IP54 protection index for outdoor use; ECO-friendly: lower pollution, less noise and lower fuel consumption
  • Factory assembled and tested system enables you get free from complicated groundwork
  • Strong surge capability and powerful overload capability to power heavy loads like air-conditioner, water pump, fridge, washing machine, etc.
  • Automatically start and stop the generator according to the load level, battery level or time period to ensure continuous power supply
  • Leakage protect function on its AC output to ensure safety
  • Its power assist function enables limited AC source to power heavy loads with the assist of battery power.
  • NOVA Web & App for system monitoring

Available with Two Models

with Different Configurations

Model 1

  • Lithium Battery Modules
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter Apollo Matrix 5.0S
  • AC + DC Power Distribution

Model 2

  • Lithium Battery Modules
  • MPPT Charge Controller Solar Mate
  • Inverter Charger Kinergier Pro 8.0S
  • AC + DC Power Distribution

Comprehensive Monitoring

  • Live data and status overview
  • System configuration and parameter setting
  • System data analysis
  • Customizable alarm setting
  • Detailed report for power harvest, storage and consumption in visual chart and graph
  • WEB compatible for Windows and Mac PC
  • APP available for Android and iOS phone

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