Easy installation and maintenance


The BrickPower BRE-I-5K-14K is an integrated all-in-one residential solar and battery storage system by a 5kW hybrid inverter and 14kWh CATL lithium-ion battery.

The whole unit contains two compartments which consist of a hybrid inverter on top and a battery box below.

4 CATL high performance and long-life LFP batteries are fixed inside the battery box, providing long-lasting, safe, and reliable energy to the house.

BrickPower’s EMS provides 24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting through built-in system protection mechanisms and remote diagnostics.

Using its cloud-based application, it demonstrates real-time performance and savings to customers.

It also integrates the Virtual Power Plant function, which can support the electricity grid.


Built-in 5kW hybrid inverter

Easy installation and maintenance

Suitable for home use

Providing continuous power to your home