Container Energy Storage System

Megawatt level energy storage, quick installation
  • Support application scenarios of¬†different voltage levels & different capacities
  • Support high-voltage systems of 1000V+ level
  • Applications: power station, micro power grid, grid frequency modulation, peak load shifting, backup power

Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage Solutions

Flexible arrangement, convenient installation and maintenance
  • Outdoor cabinet is a highly integrated energy storage system
  • Flexible arrangement, convenient installation and maintenance
  • Support remote online upgrade to achieve unattended

HV Battery Cluster

864V / 100Ah
  • Rated Energy: 96.4kWh
  • Rated Voltage: 864V
  • Voltage Range: 756~972V
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah
  • Cell Type: LFP
  • Size: 56082200*720mm

LB51100 Rack Energy Storage System

Long life battery design
Datasheet LB51100_ccexpress
  • Standard 19″Rack design
  • Total Energy: 5.12kWh
  • Fit for 58.4V low voltage application
  • Communication support CAN/RS485/RS232
  • System is extened by parallel connection